Parks and Pathways

We are very fortunate to have tranquil, inviting outdoor spaces in the Rolling Oaks community. We share these areas with our wildlife residents, so be on the lookout for hawks, owls, deer, snapping turtles and on special occasions, wild turkey or coyote. Contact the Farmington Hills Nature Center, 248.477.1135, if you have questions about our furry and feathered neighbors.

Walking Parks and Trails

  • The Heritage Hills path connects to the Wedgwood Commons path by a short trail through the woods near the baseball diamond in Park #1, then across Glouster Circle.

  • The Kings Pointe path can be accessed on Mayfair, across from the trail to Forest Elementary.

  • For the safety of our residents, there are no motorized vehicles allowed our pathways.

Nature Trail

Take a hike on the school Nature Trail, right here in our neighborhood at Forest Elementary School. See the spring wildflower display including Trillium, Wild Garlic, Dutchman’s Breeches, False Solomon’s Seal and Jack-In-The-Pulpit. The Nature Trail is a loop, beginning and ending at the Forest Elementary school playground.

Common Areas

There are seven playgrounds in the greater Rolling Oaks community for residents of all ages to enjoy.

  1. Commons Park #1 (Oak Valley & Commons Rd, east side)

  2. Commons Park #2 (Main Commons, Oak Valley & Commons Rd, west side)

  3. Commons Park #3 (small playground off of Spring Hill)

  4. Wedgwood Commons Turtle Park (off of Glouster Circle and Charleston Ct.)

  5. Kings Pointe (off of Mayfair)

  6. Walnut Creek (off of Walnut Lane)

  7. Forest Elementary School (Old Timber)​​

Farmington Hills Parks

In addition to our own common areas, Farmington Hills parks and other community resources are also nearby.Check out Heritage Park and Woodland Hills Park (Farmington Hills), Drake SportsPark (West Bloomfield), and Lakeshore Park & Beach (Novi).